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Welcome by Ambassador Otabek Akbarov



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Your Excellencies, my lords, ladies and gentlemen,

Today we are celebrating the twenty-first Anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan which is the most important historical event in the life of our people. 

I congratulate our compatriots present here today on this occasion as well as thank representatives of the British Government and Parliament, ambassadors of foreign countries, as well as our partners from academic, business and cultural circles for joining our festivities.

It is obvious and widely recognised that during years of Independence Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Islam Karimov has transformed to a state which found its deserved place among sovereign nations, relies on its own might and potential, is capable to defend its frontiers and peaceful life of its citizens, as well as shows fast and consistent growth rates.

Our people, above all, our young generation that has matured during the twenty-one years and has an independent thinking and open  mindset, looks at our future with a big confidence and shall never retreat from the chosen path.

Uzbekistan is prepared to march in step with the world community and further strengthen friendship and cooperation with near and far foreign states. In this regard, there are good prospects for closer relations with the United Kingdom in a number of areas of mutual interest. We value current level and dynamics in our ties with this great country and are ready to further expand them.

Many of you can significantly contribute into this process. Our Embassy is interested to maintain and enlarge the circle of friends and partners of Uzbekistan in Britain. A big role is played by the Uzbek-British Trade and Industry Council, Britain-Uzbekistan All-Party Parliamentary Group, British Council, Cambridge Central Asia Forum and, of course, British-Uzbek Society.

Here I would like to pass the floor to our friend Dr Hartley Booth, chairman of the British-Uzbek Society and former co-chairman of UBTIC. For more than a decade he has been personally contributing into development of partnership between our countries. Hartley is well known and highly respected person in Uzbekistan, last year he was awarded with the Order Do’stlik which mean Friendship.

Dear guests, I would like also to present you a Photographic Exhibition “The Attractive Force of Lines” which is a part of the International Architecture and Design Showcase 2012 organised by the British Council. The exhibition has been displayed at the Embassy for more than a month and was seen by hundreds of British and international visitors. Let me welcome the author of displayed photographs Mr Victor Vyatkin who is with us today.

And finally please enjoy the variety of our national food, many of them were brought yesterday from Tashkent especially for our reception.


Thank you for attention. 

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